Minim (history)

An efficient image blocker for Safari

Why do I need it?

because the internet has become a cluttered mess of distractions...

Why Minim is so great

You'll get to the content you want faster, and you won't be distracted by images or video. A pure and simple browsing experience free from annoyance. Your screen time will be much more productive with less to sidetrack your concentration.

Who is Minim good for

But really, students, professionals or anyone who wants to maximise their productivity while surfing the internet.

Can I disable Minim?

While most of the time you'll want to be browsing distraction free - sometimes you just need to "see". No problem, use the handy toolbar button and contextual menu to easily pause or start Minim. And for those special websites where you just can't be without pictures and video - add the site to the super convenient whitelist.

What it looks like

beautiful, and uncluttered - just the way your internet should be


just take a look at that lovely user interface

Minim - Beautiful intuitive interface

Before Minim

check out this webpage before starting Minim

Minim - Before running

After Minim

and the same page looking super clean while Minim is running

Minim - while running

How do I install it?

It's super easy

1. Install from the Mac App Store

2. Activate the 2 included browser extensions in Safari

3. There is no step 3