Minim Highlights

Streamline your internet.

Beautifully crafted

Highly intuitive, and easy to use - Minim looks as good as it is easy to use. Deeply Integrated into Safari as a native Safari extension.

Custom Blocking

Powerful regex style rule based blocking syntax, Minim puts you in total control of what is downloaded in your browser

Modern Design

Minim is built using the latest macOS technologies with a minimalist interface and is designed to be fast and lightweight.

Minim Screenshots

Powerful blocking to enhance your internet experience.

Advanced Blocking - View the internet exactly the way you want.

Advanced Blocking

Customize your internet

Easy and Intuitive - Simple to master but infinitely powerful.

Easy and Intuitive

Simple but powerful interface

Safari Integration - available from the Safari toolbar.

Deep Integration

Available directly in Safari.

Minim Questions

A quick introduction to content blocking.

What's a content blocker?

A content blocker stops url resources from downloading. For example, a lot of websites load images from other websites. With a traditional blocker, these images would be hidden, but still actually download to your computer. With a content blocker, the images are not downloaded at all. You can configure Minim to block any/all page resources from the domain you are viewing and also from any third party sites not related to that domain.

Why should I block data?

Many websites utilize third party tracking scripts, these can be easily blocked with Minim - just disable third party scripts and you have instantly taken back some of your privacy. The next biggest issue is page bloat. Many sites on the internet will download data an order of magnitude larger than the content you are actually viewing. For those of you on slow connections or limited data plans this can severely degrade your browsing experience - even cost you money.

Why use Minim?

Minim uses a powerful "regex like" syntax for advanced domain matching. This allows you to easily create very specific, or more expansive block rules. It's also integrated right into Safari as an extension for ease of use. It is also built using the latest macOS technologies to be fast, and does not degrade your browsing experience. In fact it enhances your internet, as everything you decide to block is not just hidden (like javascript based blockers) - but is actually blocked from downloading at all. This has the effect of speeding up your browsing by avoiding download of junk data.

Minim Features

  • Powerful "Regex like" syntax for url matching
  • Block a wide variety of data types
  • Global and individual rule enabling/disabling
  • Easy to understand UI
  • Export/Import rules
  • Handy Safari contextual menu options
  • iCloud support
  • Notifications

What does Minim support?

  • macOS 11 or better (Sonoma recommended)
  • Apple Silicon, Intel
  • Safari 16+, Safari technology Preview 16+


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